My name is Lucario, and I'm an A-Class Pokemon
Connoisseur. I'm also a
FanFiction writer, an avid
gamer, and a hardcore
otaku. Whether it's a nice
conversation over tea or
a heated Pokemon battle,
I'm your one-stop
Connoisseur Shop for all
of your evaluating needs!


My FanFics will be normally be adventurous and full of feels. I really like TF fics, and they’ll feature Cilan quite often, considering he’s my favorite anime character and my whole inspiration for becoming a Pokemon Connoisseur. My FanFiction pen name is the same as my name: Pokemon Connoisseur Lucario. Please enjoy! Thanks for reading! 

Check out my FanFiction profile for further biography here! 

Chapter 1: The Curse of the Shadow Triad? 

One-shot: Chandelure’s Flame

One-shot songfic (SommelierShipping): The Class-A Team